Peach Wood Beard Comb (Double Sided)

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The SXVXGE COUTURE handmade natural peach wood double sided comb features both fine tooth and standard tooth finishes which enables this comb to tackle any mane it is presented with. Ideally you would start using a beard comb only after 3-5 months. Until then, it’s best to use the SXVXGE COUTURE Peach Wood Boar Bristle Beard Brush, because the hairs are still quite short.

The SXVXGE COUTURE Peach Wood Beard Comb is perfect for detangling your mane. The longer and thicker your mane, the wider the spacing between the teeth of the comb needs to be making our double sided Peach Wood Beard Comb ideal no matter the length of your luscious mane!

One of the biggest benefits of combing your beard is that it will style it. Simply apply your favorite SXVXGE COUTURE Styling Beard Balm, and use the comb to shape and style it in whatever way you want.

Beard combs also come in handy when it's is time to trim your  mane with scissors. Using a beard comb gives you excellent control, allowing you to trim or cut your mane accurately, especially if it is curly.

Comb Size: about 10cm long x 6cm wide x 0.75cm height
The compact and convenient size of this beard comb allows for portability wherever you are on the go. This comb fits in your jeans or shirt pockets so you can tame your mane any time, any where.

We use natural peach wood as wood does not create static when used like metal and plastic combs can. We painted it black to give the comb a more elegant and refined look, our logo is engraved revealing the light peach wood below for beautiful contrast.

Avoid throwing, bending and high temperature. Also please note each comb may vary in appearance due to natural variations of the peach wood.