Opulence Candle

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The SXVXGE COUTURE Opulence candle is as mysterious as it is refined. It's a manly scent that is sure to get you noticed.

This candle should provide the following burn times:

  • 16oz = 80-90 hours
  • 36oz = 160+ hours

Mood: Luxurious
Top notes: Oud, Smokey, Sweet
Mid notes: Floral, Citrus
Base notes: Fresh, Woody

This candle is made with our proprietary blend of coconut, paraffin and soy waxes; we use pure natural extracts for our scents, a wooden wick to give that crackle sound and beautiful glass vessels.

Phthalate Free - Yes
Nitro Musk Free - Yes
Vanillin Free - Yes

Each SXVXGE COUTURE artisanal luxury candle and is handcrafted using traditional methods and make use of the finest quality ingredients including cherry wood wooden wicks, natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrances. Each candle is hand poured in small batches our studio in Toronto, Canada. For FAQ and safety info regarding candles please visit our Candle Safety Page.

Please note that shipping candles during hotter months or to hotter climate regions can impact the quality of the candle. SXVXGE COUTURE highly recommends you track the shipping of your order if it includes candles and schedule delivery with your local depot to avoid any lengthy exposures to heat.