About Us


SXVXGE COUTURE is a luxury lifestyle brand that sells hand made luxurious products because we believe that you should pamper and treat yourself with the best products out there. Everything we make is made in small batches by hand, and hand poured or formed.


SXVXGE COUTURE is a conscious brand that gives back by supporting various charities and organizations that help improve the world, to learn  more about the charities SXVXGE COUTURE donates to please click HERE.

SXVXGE COUTURE also strives to use sustainable, Eco-friendly, Organic and Vegan products whenever possible (unfortunately not everything might fit this as sometimes it’s either not available or just not feasible for one reason or another). No one is perfect but we do our best to meet this goal.


At SXVXGE COUTURE we truly believe in providing a superior high quality product and experience, we don’t use fake or low grade materials.

We purchase only the highest quality version of stones for our jewelry and always look for the highest quality, natural oils and butters for our beard care products.



At SXVXGE COUTURE we know you don't want something that everyone else has, we know you want unique pieces. After all you can't stand out from the rest if you look like the rest, can you? In that spirit, very SXVXGE COUTURE product is limited and once it is sold out, that's it, it's gone!

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